Commission Guidelines

GUIDELINES - Please read thoroughly before emailing!

Step One - Choose a nice quality picture that your features are clear and visible in. If the quality isn't good enough or the picture is too small, I will tell you and you'll have to choose another one.  NO FRONT-CAMERA PICS TAKEN ON A NON-SMARTPHONE, NO GRAINY PICS, NO PICS WITH YOUR HEAD CUT OFF. Color pencil character drawings are only from the shoulders up. Pastel paintings can now be your face and part of your body if you so choose. I do accept nude commissions!


Please note that if there is a specific deadline for the drawing, you must notify me and request it at least 10 weeks in advance. This is because I typically complete a commission and have it shipped to you within 10 weeks time. If I accept your request with less than 10 weeks advance, of course I will try my hardest to get it done and shipped on time. But if that doesn't happen, unfortunately it's not on me.

Step Two - Choose a size and media (examples below). Sizes and prices:

a. 11x14" chalk pastel painting - $300

b. 16x20" chalk pastel painting - $450 

c. 24x36" chalk pastel painting - $700 

d. 9x12" color pencil on paper - $200

E. 8x10" color pencil on wood panel - $200

F. 3600x3600px 400dpi digital oil painting - 

* -add $50 for every additional face in the portrait

* -add $30 for HD timelapse video of me drawing your commission

All color pencil character drawings are done on toned tan or gray paper and typically consist of a face and accessories/props to go along with a theme of your choice. Color pencil pieces done on wood panel are ready to hang soon as you open them. Pastel paintings are done on a thin white canvas and have the appearance of an oil painting. Digital oil paintings are done usin Procreate on an iPad 11. You can request a 13x19" print of your digital piece to go along with the digital file you'll receive. You can commission paintings of characters as well, as long as the style is 2D.

Pastel Portrait
color pencil character
Pastel Character
Color Pencil Wood Panel
NSFW Body piece
Demon Time.png
Digital Oil Painting

Step Three - Once we've established what I'm going to draw and you've agreed to all the guidelines here, you will be required to pay half of the price as a deposit. This is because people tend to change their mind about wanting it after it's already done, and I end up wasting a lot of time and materials and don't get paid for any of it. I only accept payment through PayPal, which is what I will use to send your invoice. Please note that once I've started coloring in or shading your drawing, you will not get this deposit back if you decide to cancel. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE FULL PAYMENT AT THE TIME OF DEPOSIT.

Step Four - I'll start shading in or coloring the drawing. I can send you work-in-progress pictures so that you know it's getting done (or you can follow the progress on my instagram account @tanaebriana).

Step Five - When it's finished, I'll show you the finished product and you'll pay the rest and I will ship it to you. I ship anywhere in the US for free. I generally ship in bulk on Thursdays, and you should receive your drawing in 2-3 days. 

You will receive your character drawing in a rigid cardboard tube sealed in plastic. Your pastel painting will arrive in a box, unframed, protected by acid-free glassine sheets and plastic wrap. I no longer frame pastel paintings because of how terribly shipping has destroyed frames in the past, despite all the ways I protect it. Also, it allows you to choose your own frame and makes the cost of the commission $50 cheaper. Inside the box will be detailed instructions on how to frame your pastel piece. This will ensure your pastel painting stays protected and is properly framed. It's super easy, so don't let this discourage you!

Unfortunately, I cannot take all requests. Sometimes I'm not capable of doing the things people ask for. I will always let you know beforehand if I can't do it, and will most likely suggest an artist who is better for the job. That's why it's important to tell me EXACTLY what you want before I start on it. I hope to do business with you!

Email to commission a portrait.