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developing my own art style?

Last night, I told myself that I needed to start practicing drawing faces with no reference if I ever want to have my own art style that people immediately recognize as mine when they see it. I knew it was gonna be hard to make it really unique but man.... I actually got the face and features drawn with absolutely no problem. I just gave her features that I love. Big, bright, almond-shaped eyes, defined nose, full lips. But once it came to her hair and accessories and clothes, I was lost. Like how do people come up with that stuff?? Is that why so many artists draw their subjects naked??? Lmao.

Anyway, I came up with this idea right... I take so many photos of myself ("photoshoots with my Canon") that I don't use for anything other than to look cute on the internet. And I figured I might as well use them for inspiration. I mean...they are 100% original since I'm using myself, my hair, my outfits, and I even took the photo myself so I deserve all the credit for it. And I ended up styling this girl the way I was styled in one of my favorite selfies.

Overall, I really love how this sketch came out. Totally unexpected and unplanned, but I learned in 2015 (my best creative year btw) that my random projects ALWAYS come out so much better than the planned ones. I think the nose is cute, but I wanna make it more realistic before I choose this as the face for all my original portraits. Definitely gonna work on more sketches today.

Did I mention how much I love these Prismacolor NuPastels???!!

Here's my latest timelapse video:

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