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  • Tanae Briana

more lovely new supplies!

Ever since I got my pastels and first tried my Canson Mi-Tienes pastel paper, I've been thinking to myself "I wish there was some sort of hard surface that I could use to draw my pastel portraits on".

Yall. I cannot believe that this whole time, Ampersand Pastelbord has existed???! And I'm over here drawing on this flimsy ass pastel paper (aka construction paper, if you ask me) when I could be making actual pastel paintings on something legit lol.

Anywho, I felt like it was the perfect surface for the looks that I have been ATTEMPTING to create these pastel works on. I watched a few videos. Checked out a couple reviews. And honestly, I was sold... I needed to try it. If I had known better, I would've done a review for my youtube channel. Maybe I still can. But that's not the point.

So I was to excited to wait for the weekend, and ended up ordering two 12x16" white pastelbords (here) that have yet to come. And when the weekend did come, I went into Blick and bought one 12x16" white pastelbord to take home. And I immediately started working on it, as you can see below.

I know I started this piece on my gray Strathmore paper, because I thought that would give it the smooth feel I was going for, but that paper couldn't hold the pastel the way I needed it to. Also, the colors of the pastel wasn't half as pigmented on that paper.

So I switched to the pastelbord and drew up a new face, and I was instantly in love. It's soooo easy to spread the color around! And the toothiest of it allowed me to pile on a bunch of layers. And the more layers you add, the smoother the texture becomes. That's why this piece has that smooth look to it, kind of like an oil painting. And this is exactly the look I have been trying to achieve. Can't wait to finish this piece. My first pastel painting! And the beginning of a new era in my art career :)

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