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what are drawing fundamentals even??!

So even though I didn't learn how to draw from an art class, I was IN an art class when I discovered that I could draw. But after I figured this out, I pretty much just completely ignored all the lessons I was taught for the new few months lbs. Not bragging or nothing, I wish I would have paid attention. It could've helped my freehand drawing a whole lot...

When I decided to draw a new self-portrait, I realized it was gonna be my first time drawing a photo from REFERENCE with no grid. Creating faces from your imagination is easy to do with no grid because the person doesn't actually exist so how can they not look like themselves? But when you have to draw someone real and your proportions are so I was nervous AF because as yall know, I'd been using a grid to draw portraits since mid 2014. I freehanded for a year before that, but not that well as you can see below....

So I tried using guidelines and shapes. Well...a shape. An oval for my long ass face. And after I drew that, I just found where my cheeks should go and my chin and my jaw. Then I drew guidelines for where my eyeballs, nose, and lips ended. Also a line down the center of my face so I'd know where to put the bridge and tip of my nose as well as the center of my lips. I didn't use shapes to draw my features however, I just completely estimated those. And somehow, I managed to make a face that looked like myself.

Of course the outline you draw doesn't matter if you fuck the shading up LMAO, but I think I'm doing an okay job so far. I'm almost positive there are more steps to this than what I did, but I did a good job working with what I knew, I think? I should definitely study up on this stuff though... I hate myself just for not knowing it. Sometimes I feel like a fraud because I don't lmaobs. I'll find some time (eventually) to get around to it though.

Check out my latest timelapse drawing below doe:

#sketch #nupastel #timelapsedrawing #derwent #softpastel #workinprogress #throwbackart

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