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  • Tanae Briana

looks like I'm gonna be taking commissions sooner than I thought!

So originally, I was supposed to be taking a year off and starting again in 2018. This was because my last two years, I was doing commissions like 75% of the time, and I wanted some time to work on my own original projects. Also, I got a full-time job and didn't have time for any art other than my own. I still have a full time job lol. But now that I'm working with pastel, I finish projects a lot faster than when I was doing color pencil. I'm still writing up new commission guidelines because pastel pieces will be shipped differently and need to be cared for differently, and will also be more expensive because I'll actually be painting backgrounds for my portraits and adding other elements to them (which I never did before).

I started a new piece yesterday, and once I complete that one, commission guidelines will be up and I'll be open to take requests :D! Until then, watch my latest portrait and timelapse video below:

#timelapsedrawing #artistthoughts

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