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let's talk about muses + my new one

I think muses are truly a gift. I've been lucky to have 1-2 over the past couple years. I say lucky because literally every time I have one, my art goes through a period where I have this kinda burst of creativity and get so much more work done. And the things I get done always turn out to be some of my best pieces ever. Most of the people who follow my art now started doing so in 2015, which was my most productive and creative and original year as an artist thus far. (I think 2017 is definitely runner up though). This was all due to my muse at the time, Walker, who was a romantic partner and friend.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I have a muse, I surround myself with that person. I have photos of them everywhere (computer desktop, phone wallpaper, etc). I look at them A LOT lol. I become engrossed in everything related to them. If they make music, I listen to their music constantly. They are pretty much all I know for however long I'm drawing inspiration from them. I know it sounds kind of creepy lol. Probably borderline obsessive...but it's all apart of my creative process. If I say creative process, that makes it okay HAHA.

Anyway, my muse at the time was very close to me and we were constantly talking to each other and needing to see each other. I drew a lot of inspiration from him as a person because I felt he embodied everything I wanted to be. And then there was his face... lol. Aside from how aesthetically pleasing it was, it also had all the kinds of things I love to draw in faces. Defined, unique features. Bold nose and lips. All of that created lots of shadows, which I also really love to draw. Lots of depth. I completed two portraits of him and one incomplete one. Walker inspired my golden crown drawings, my use of charcoal, my decision to seriously start commissioning color pencil portraits, my superhero/celebrity crossovers, trying out new shading techniques such as hatching, creating pieces from my imagination, incorporating other things besides faces into my portraits, selling my first original piece for thousands (which was emotional for me) and just stepping out of my comfort zone PERIOD.

I was inspired both by my love for him and the happiness he brought me, as well as the sadness and heartbreak I felt when it ended. He even inspired every single short story and poem I wrote that year lmao. I don't have a photo of the third portrait but you can see me ripping it up in the screenshots below. Which brings me to my next point. The thing about drawing people that you know personally and who can hurt you is that after they hurt you, you're left with all these creations that remind you of them.... I intended on ripping them all up into a thousand pieces or burning them and laughing about it. So I recorded myself lol. Then ended up crying before I even got started lmao. I can say it was extremely therapeutic though! I basically watched that video until it didn't make me cry anymore and I was already moving past the whole situation about a week afterwards.

Anyway, enough of the sad shit. At the end of the day, he DID inspire me and motivate me to be my best self as an artist and it actually ended up being my most financially successful year in art as well lol. That part I can't be mad at. On to happier tings...

William Singe was also a brief muse, and Jose Fernandez was an even briefer muse. I would say Jose Fernandez was a very special one though it was short-lasting. It was the first time I was so completely touched and saddened by a stranger's story and passing. It really did affect me and I couldn't figure out why. I cried every time I read a story or watched a video about him. I was trying so hard to understand why that happened to him. I was completely drawn to him and his family and life for months afterwards.

Oh wait... I'm supposed to be talking about happy shit.

So my new muse tho!!!! lol. A few months ago, I was on the internets and came across a timelapse video of an artist sketching. He/she was drawing a man and woman next to each other and there was music playing in the background. After the sketch is finished, it starts dancing to the music and I'm like OH SHIT! It was the dopest thing ever. So after reading the comments, I discovered whose song it was playing, Jay Park "All I Wanna Do". I went to watch the music video on youtube and saw that the artist had drawn the two dancers in the video. I actually loved the song and downloaded it. Then over the next few weeks, I would watch Jay Park's other music videos and somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him lol. Bought his most recent album and fell in love with that too. I've actually had it on repeat since I bought it. It's that good.

If you don't know who Jay Park is, he's a Korean-American hiphop & R&B artist. He's also a b-boy and does hip-hop dance. His music is so good, I can listen to the ones in Korean and still dig them as much as the English ones. He's just dope all around and he's gorgeous too. So I decided that I wanted to do a Jay Park piece after I finished my self portrait. I've been working on it for a little over a week now and I'm so excited about his face lmfao.

His music has been like a breath of fresh air for me. It really makes me feel good. My productivity has even gone up at work since I started playing it back to back when I'm there lmao. And having a strong physical attraction to my muse definitely does not hurt. I'm hoping when I finish this and post it on instagram, he'll see it. And whenever he comes back to Chicago, hopefully he'll let me take him on a date and give him da booty :D

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