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  • Tanae Briana

I am now open for commissions!

Somehow, I knew I wasn't gonna be able to make it to 2018 without taking a commission lol. The last time I did one was December 2016, when I completed an Iron Man and Thor piece as a Christmas gift. That piece really really really stressed me out. Not only had I just started my job and was strapped for time, but I was drawing in a style I had never tried before. It was small-scale for one. Secondly, it wasn't a portrait, which is usually the only kind of piece I'd commission. Thirdly, it was something that had a lot of sentimental value for the customer and the person he was gifting it to. And the deadline was CHRISTMAS. I actually spent the last day before I had to ship it working on it. Didn't sleep at all that night lol.

But yeah, it took so much energy out of me and I was so busy lately, I just decided to put off commissions for a while. When I first started doing them, it was because I didn't have a job outside of art and it was the quickest way to make a lot of money at once. I lived off commissions in 2015. But now I was making good money and I didn't NEED to commission art. I also wanted to use 2017 to re-invent myself as an artist, learn new techniques and mediums, and really tap into my creativity. Which I did... I threw away the grid (I've felt so free since I made that decision), I started working with soft pastels, I started drawing faces from my imagination, and I freehanded two large portrait pieces for the first time since 2014! I'm so proud of myself :D

My latest portrait piece of Jay Park is below. Check out Supporters > Commission a portrait to read up on my guidelines. (If you email me first, I'm just gonna redirect you there lol)

So I attempted to draw flowers yet again. This time not roses. Why the fuck is it so easy for everyone else to draw roses?! I went for tulips because they seemed to be the most simple. And I think they actually don't look terrible...which is saying a lot for me when it comes to flowers. I think I still need some work on making them appear more I do with everything that's not a face *eyeroll*... but I'm getting there. Prints of this piece will be up later this week. Timelapse video is below :)

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