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  • Tanae Briana

celebrating your small successes

On July 12, 2017, my portrait of Jay Park became my new most popular piece, and my best-received piece of 2017! I can't thank everyone enough for trying to help out in getting Jay's attention so he could see it, even though ultimately he didn't :(. Regardless, the piece got tons of love on instagram, twitter, AND tumblr, which never happens for me anymore lol. For some reason, my work is only popular on 2/3 or only one and sometimes even none lmao. But it totaled about 2800 likes on instagram, 4500+ notes on tumblr, and 74 retweets & likes on twitter. I also gained 300+ followers on instagram and 400 followers on tumblr. I know to a lot of people, things like reblogs and likes don't mean anything, but I'm still pretty small on ig and twitter so any kind of exposure is great to me.

Ever since I posted these pics, all of my ig photos have gotten a boost in likes and comments and I get so much more interaction from my followers. Interaction is important to me because I've observed that the more you interact with your supporters and the more consistent you are with posting work, the more exposure you get. This alone tells me that I have gained so many more supporters and I can't wait to post more art for them to love on! I'm currently working on a very important piece (to me) and the first piece in my Fairy series. On a sadder note, Check out my latest youtube vid below.... grab some kleenex first lol.

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