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Updates, updates, updates

I really need to get back into updating this blog on a regular basis lol. It's so hard keeping up with everything I'm doing because the deadline is coming for when I want to start selling my art again. And there's a lot of work that needed to be done now that I have totally re-branded myself. And also because packaging originals is a lot more difficult now with soft pastels. I mean, you have to protect pastel paintings more, you have to frame them, and it's all kinda expensive and I'm still learning how to do that. And commissions have been on hold because I don't want to ship anything to anyone if it's not perfect.

However, packaging and shipping prints is all the same and I have all my materials for that. PRINTS ARE BACK ON SALE WITHIN A WEEK!!! So excited, because I've been working super hard on making my shit all by myself and not paying another company hella money to do it for me, and then charging you guys hella money as well. It's just not fair and I didn't wanna do it anymore. So I've got that part under control. I also recently uploaded a vid to youtube on how exactly I'm making my prints. Might also do one for sticker packs in the future.

That video includes photos of all the beautiful prints I've been able to make (so you not I'm not bullshitting), details on how I photograph my art in order to make the prints, and my actual photoshop and printer settings I use to print the colors as true to life as possible. Let's see..what else have I done since my last blog post? I added some of my new and old original pieces to the shop, which now has its own page that's separate from the prints page. Feel free to check those out, even though my 2017 pieces that were all done in soft pastel are not currently available for sale yet (due to framing).

Along with originals, I added some 8x10's and 13x19's of my Aminé "Let's Get Gory" piece, "La Esposa Miserable", and "8008$", which is my boobie drawing (in case you didn't know).

The speed drawing for La Esposa is up on my channel as well... very, very fun piece to draw and it actually got a decent amount of attention on twitter, which never fucking happens lol.

I made some subtle additions to my commission guidelines. Lastly, I added Aminé stickers to the shop. More individual stickers and a pack or two are coming. I'm just a busy bee these days!! I have a trip to Atlanta in a couple of days and I'm actually going to see Aminé live and meet him while I'm there. So I made sure I got some good stickers and prints made so I can have a gift for my Baba :). Other than running around trying to complete the finishing touches on my business cards and packaging details, I've been brain-storming some small Halloween pieces I wanna do. I think I might do one or two (depending on my time) creepy still-lifes since I couldn't participate in Inktober. We'll see what happens though...

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