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Happy Holidays!

So it's 11:44pm where I am right now and I'm probably gonna be up until 7am. That is, after I style my hair for tomorrow and get some more art-related things knocked off my to-do list. But first I wanted to come on and wish anyone who celebrates a merry Christmas and talk about what I've been up to the long has it been.... 2 months? Seems like my blog posts keep getting fewer and further between :(. It's one of the "things to fix" on my to-do list though lol.



Tonight, if everything goes as planned, I'll be starting my third Christmas-themed piece (I know I'm cutting it close)! I chose Jack Skellington as my next subject so that should be fun, right? I was going back and forth on whether to use him because I think he's more so a Halloween character, but I'm going with it because I do what I want!

Upcoming Projects

Yall. 2018 is about to be a busy ass year. I pretty much have half of it planned out already, as far as projects I wanna work on. The first project is yet another series (lmao), a 100% male series at that! I feel like I don't draw men enough. This year, I only drew two! But I've been inspired to work on a Valentine's Day-themed series, depicting some of the beautiful famous men I love in Valentine's day colors. I just thought of the men who have stolen my heart this year and the group is honestly so diverse in background, looks, and talent and I just cannot waitttttt to work on this. I don't want to give away who the men are because usually when I tell too much about a future project, I end up not getting it done or it doesn't go well. So I'm just gonna leave it at that. But I'm positive at least one person you love will be in it!

Along with my Valentine's Day series, I still plan on completing a Jay Park series (yes, you know I had to devote an entire series to my baby's fahva). And of course, I'll continue drawing beautiful women, many of who were supposed to be done this year and I just never got around to. Look forward to seeing a lot of flowers in future projects and also some body parts here and there, as I'm pushing myself to get better at drawing those things.

Finished Pieces & Timelapses

I've finished three pieces since the last update ("Fawnsies" 12x16", "Baby Grinch" 9x12", and "Kermit & Elmo" 12x9"). "Fawnsies" of course is a part of my Doe series, and Baby Grinch and Kermit & Elmo are a part of my Christmas collection. All the pieces in my Christmas collection are just limited edition and their prints will only be available until the end of January. Sticker packs will also be made as soon as I finish the last two pieces (pray for me).

Drawing the Fawnsies piece and the Kermit & Elmo piece made me realize that when my portrait has two subjects, I put a lot more time and energy into the first subject than I do the second :/ So that's another thing I need to work on. There are timelapse videos for every one of these pieces on my channel, but my favorite one is linked below :)

New Shop Additions

- "Fawnsies" original 12x16" pastel painting

- "Baby Grinch" limited edition A3 prints

- "Music Legends" sticker pack

Be on the lookout for a giveaway announcement between now and New Years Day ;)

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