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  • Tanae Briana

I know I said there was gonna be a giveaway...

.....but, with this HUGE project that I'm currently working on, I figured I would just wait until that's finished so that I could have some brand new, fresh content to giveaway. Plus there gonna be gorgeous as fuck so, you know.


So right now, I'm working the first piece in my Valentine's Day series, which is a portrait of Han Hyun Min. If you don't know, he's a young, Korean-Nigerian model and he is absolutely beautiful. This entire series is dedicated to all the beautiful, talented men that I drew inspiration from in 2017. Even though Han's face is perfect though, I've been having the HARDEST fucking time with his nose and I don't know why! It seems pretty simple at first glance, but trying to get the highlights and shadows on the bridge to look accurate has just not been working for me. In cases like this, I sometimes opt for a less detailed version of the nose because it's easier. But I'm still trying my hardest to get it right. Haven't given up yet. Other than that, it's going well, but I haven't started on the flowers yet so I'm speaking way too soon lmaoo.

Riz Ahmed is the next portrait in this series. I'm hoping to finish Han by tonight and get Riz's outline done by tonight as well. I'm excited as fuck to draw his big beautiful eyes lol. I shouldn't have much trouble with his nose at all because it is VERY very defined, and those are easiest for me.

I know I keep saying this but I'm seriously gonna start blogging on here at least once a week like I used to instead of once every month. Idek how I let so much time pass. But I'm gonna be arting a lot more so I'm gonna have a lot more to talk about!

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