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Shit is about to get real. real. busy.

Hope everyone is having a good evening! Mine is super busy, which IS good. It's always good to have hella shit to do, as long as they're not all a ton of deadlines lmao. Speaking of deadlines though, that whole Valentine's Day project is not fucking happening. I mean, it's happening. I'm definitely gonna do the portraits because I haven't lost my inspiration to get those done. I'm still really excited about them. But the whole V-day deadline is definitely out. I clearly overestimated myself when I set that deadline.

For one, they're all 12x16" portraits so they're not exactly small. Secondly, I'm a very detail-oriented artist as you all know. I'm known for my great detail as well as my color usage. Lastly, the first portrait of the series never got finished. And even if I had finished it, it wouldn't have been done until this week. Meaning, I have to assume all of the portraits are gonna take me at least as long as this one did. So I wouldn't be finished for months lmao. And I definitely wasn't about to rush it. I already have to do the first one over, or fix it somehow, because it turned out to not look like the person it was supposed to be. I might still use it and pretend it's not who it was supposed to be lmao.

Some good news...well great news actually.... is that me buying the wrong ink turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Because it made me remember that a long ass time ago when I first got my Artisan 1430 and discovered how fucking expensive the ink is ($21-24 per cartridge, 6 cartridges), I hopped on Amazon and bought these cheap bottles of ink made for the same printer. I did it on a whim really because I had no idea how my printer was gonna react to it. And a lot more ink came than I thought I would be getting. I have like 2 good size bottles for each color, along with some syringes. And I was like I have a ton of ink, why don't I just finally get some refillable ink cartridges and just use this instead of buying MORE expensive ass Epson ink.

Seriously though, Epson has lost their damn mind. I have to pay $140 for ink and it's not like it lasts a long ass time. Anyway, the good news is that this ink is so much better than Epson'ss! I noticed the difference in my prints immediately. The Epson ink was already good, but this one... idk the images look so much sharper and the color is more precise. And I never have an issue with the print suddenly stopping halfway and just giving up so that I waste a ton of ink for nothing. With the Epson ink, that happened like every 2-3 prints. It hasn't happened once yet, and I've printed discount cards, sticker packs, and hella prints lol. So obviously I'm happy as fuck about this because I get ink for so much cheaper and get to produce better quality prints for all my lovely customers.

So I pulled out ALL of my art recently, 2013-2016 (all of my 2017 work are pastel paintings wrapped up in acid-free glassine paper underneath my bed), and I came across these old little color pencil illustrations that I used to do in my 9x12" toned sketchbooks. I pretty much fell in love with them all over again and I started asking myself why I didn't make them anymore? I started doing them back in 2015 when I was constantly working on art because I didn't have a 9 to 5 like I do now. But I decided I was going to make time to do them, and even make some timelapse videos of the process for youtube so that my subscribes don't have to wait so long for me to finish an entire piece all the time. And of course I'd get some more time with my color pencils cause I ain't picked them bitches up in over a year.

Speaking of those illustrations, I thought they'd look cute as stickers and I ended up adding some new sticker packs to the site!

I now have a collection of four sticker packs, the others being Aminé and my Music Legends sticker pack. I just sent off a Music Legends pack in my updated print packaging video below:

Welp, now I'm off to go sketch up the outline for my next painting. Cross your fingers it goes better than the last!

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