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I came to terms with the fact that most people don't dig my art... least not most of the people who actually see it and follow me lol. I think when I first started drawing, I got so much attention for it and so many comments from people about how they would pay money for it, that I got too wrapped up in that and aimed to impress other people. And whenever I'd post a new piece that didn't really get any feedback or much views or engagement, I felt like I failed. Because I have allll these followers who are seeing it every day and not one of them liked it? Or shared it? That shit used to really make me feel like I was a wack artist lol. Because I see every other artist I follow (with the same size following) getting hundreds of likes and shares. And I'm like what are they doing that I'm not doing? They just post their art and go...

I know I'm not the most consistent, and that plays a big role. I'm trying to be post and create more but it's harder now when I'm away from home for 50 hours a week. And I notice that most of the artists I'm looking at are lucky enough to be full time (God, I miss that). But other than that, I can't think of anything else it could be other than my shit just ain't good enough for them lol. It's not capturing anyone's attention. Possibly, I just haven't found my true audience yet. Like the people who follow me think it's cool I can draw but they're not in love with my work and don't find it worthy enough to spend money on. That could probably be my fault too, because I suck at networking and I hate doing it lmaooo.

But now at least I can say it doesn't make me sad anymore or discourage me like it used to. I used to think I should just quit art. Now I'm just happy making things that I love. If I find it beautiful, then nobody else's opinion matters to me. My friend was suggesting that I draw more things that other people are into, or that are popular right now. Like Black Panther for example. And I'm like nah... I'm not drawing anything other people like unless it's something I already wanted to create in the first place. I don't create for other people, I create for myself and if other people happen to like it too, cool. I'm not a trendy artist, painting whatever I think will sell the quickest. Everybody and they mama drawing the same ass pictures from the Black Panther movie right now. I'll pass lol. Anyway, I finished my Riz Ahmed painting and it might be even better than my "Bae Park" piece...

This is the longest span of time I've ever worked on a portrait smh. Took me a little over a month to finish it and only 8.5 hours of actual work put in. But whatever, at least I got it done and it came out so beautifully! I'm not gonna immediately start on the next piece in this series, but I am starting another painting immediately. I decided to stop taking those breaks after every piece where I just don't draw for like a whole week. I have no more time for that, I need to just get shit done now lol. I won't go into detail about my next painting because I don't wanna jinx it, but I should have some decent progress pics by the next blog post. Also, I'm hoping to do my first live stream on instagram while I work on this next piece. Still terrified about that.

New additions to the shop:

- Riz Ahmed prints

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