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it's been a long time, I shouldn't'a left you...

Yall. This has been the most unproductive past month of my life!!! I don't even know how it happened. Working on art has been hard enough with my 9 to 5 job and weird schedule. But I actually had hella opportunities to work on stuff and it just didn't get done. My to-do list has nary a check on it. You know when have a million ideas floating around your head and you end up just not doing anything. Yeah, that's what's going on. I've been writing stuff down, but I've been in such an art funk lately. I'm determined to give myself some kind of boost. And by some kind of boost, I mean new promotional tactics. For example, I'm bringing my art to Facebook.

I've only ever been consistent with marketing myself on instagram, Tumblr, and twitter. Haven't posted art, or much of anything really, to facebook in over two years. But I was inspired last week to try to seriously market myself there and become more active overall. I kinda test-drove the idea last night when I posted an old project to the Facebook group "Black Artists Connected". I'm so excited about all the feedback and engagement I've gotten just from that post! It really made me remember how fun it used to be to share my work with the world and network with people. I slacked off on that stuff A LOT in 2017 because I felt like I was focusing too much on that aspect of my art and not enough on the creativity. So the creativity and originality was my main focus last year all the way up until now. Still trying to find a healthy balance.

The facebook thing is really exciting because my portfolio has grown a lot since I last shared art there, so I have a big head start before I have to be putting out projects more consistently. So I have a lot of time to figure out my schedule. I'm seriously thinking about making a legit schedule for days that I'm working on art, like a real job. I clearly need some discipline lol. I did manage to finish a piece two weeks ago and the images and timelapse video are below. I discuss the pros and cons of drawing from imagination and drawing from real life, and all my struggles with that, in the video, so please check it out if you're interested in that! Prints for this piece are not yet available, but soon.

Another idea I've come up with, that will not only help me market myself but will put me back in the position to take on commission projects is, is offering mini graphite/charcoal portraits for sale! I was just thinking about how I don't necessarily have to commission large-scale pastel paintings all the time. I could always something less stressful and time consuming in the meantime. Plus, I can't even remember the last time I picked up my charcoal or graphite pencils... I really need to get back to them. I have this AMAZING Strathmore 500 series charcoal paper that everyone loved when I drew my boobs on them lol. I think they would be perfect for something like this. I want to get some examples of what people can expect done first, but once I do that, I'll have the mini portraits added to my commission page and I will be open to take requests for them immediately after that.

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday :)

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