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anyone else feeling super productive this Mercury retrograde?!

Hola! I hope everyone is doing as well as I am this month lol. I feel like I've had this new surge of energy of creativity, and the big difference right now is that I actually have the energy and time to utilize it. I recently switched to working third shift. EVERYBODY told me I would hate it and that they could never do it. I really just needed a change in my work life completely, that's the only reason I did it. And surprisingly, I think third shift was actually MADE just for me lol. It has been so beneficial in many different ways (I made a list), but it's made it so that I can actually wake up and art for hours every day before I have to go to work. When I was working second shift, I'd either have to get up early to art (not an option for me, I literally just cannot wake up early ever) or I'd have to art after work in the middle of the night (which I'd be too tired to do every day). But now that I wake up in the late afternoon and still have hours before I have to leave for work, I get so much done! I started drawing every day after not drawing for more than two weeks straight. I got more work done on my Michael portrait in one week than I did in the month prior.

This piece is going to be the third installment in my "Valentine's Day" series for 2019. Based on how things are going so far, I should be able to finish a new piece for the series every two weeks. I only have three portraits left (can't reveal who they are though!) and then I'll be ready to put them on sale as prints and sticker packs :) I have to admit though, I've already made a list for 2020's Valentine's Day series lmfao. There have been so many inspiring, creative, beautiful, ambitious men in the spotlight lately, I just can't help myself.

Anyway, before I had that 2-3 week long art drought, I did get a couple of those color pencil illustrations I used to do done. Even though I was super busy after that, I felt like doing those gave me a jumpstart after kinda being in an art slump for a while. Idk, it was like they made me feel more creative. They're like the most original things I've ever done. And people really like them. So much so, I decided to partially open my commissions back up so people can request them! Just visit my commissions page and read the guidelines before emailing me about one. They are only $60! And I'll be posting sticker versions of the original illustrations I've already done.

Also, I just wanna say I'm super close to opening my commissions up for pastel paintings! I've figured out framing and materials and everything, now I just have to SUCCESSFULLY frame a piece to make sure I have it down. Soon as I do that, my commissions will be 100% open! I cannot wait :D

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