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Fall is here...the best time to art!

Happy first of Halloween! lol. Guess who's actually [attempting] to participate in Inktober this year? Yes, yours truly, even though I've never actually drawn in ink before. Trust me, I fully intend on laying down a pencil sketch first. Idk if that's considered cheating butttt like I said, it's my first time. Also, I saved three different Inktober challenges so that I have more of a selection lmao. Is that cheating too? Oh well. I'm really just going for it because it's a challenge and challenging yourself always gives your creativity a huge boost! And it gives me more reason to get off my ass and draw. Plus I'm in the Halloween spirit... definitely made a list of Halloween movies. I'm gonna watch one each day. Some I've seen, some I haven't. Currently watching The Conjuring 2, and I haven't seen it since it came out so I don't even remember what to expect >.<

Anywho, outside of planning for Inktober, I've been getting steady commissions for my 9x12" color pencil illustrations! They have been so fun to do!! I really am so lucky to have gotten such amazing clients every time I do commissions. Seriously. Super sweet. Super grateful. They pay immediately. They don't badger me the whole time lol. They just let me do my thing and they make my job so much easier. I really appreciate anyone who has ever commissioned from me. I'm looking forward to making it possible for clients to pay a little extra for an HD timelapse video of their drawings being done in the future as well.

The only new supply I've picked up since my last blog post are these white Uni-ball gel pens and man....they are the truth. I've been looking for good ones to use for highlights on my color pencil but all I had was a gelly roll pen and it SUCKED. It would fade out whenever I used it on top of lots of layers of pencil and it wasn't bold enough. These ones are like painting on top of the surface and they're super bright. They were only about $6 for a pack of three. I'll like them here.

Even though I am having so much fun with color pencil commissions, I am gonna take a SLIGHT break to finish the pastel piece I started beforehand of my next doe. I also think I might go ahead and knock out a Mac Miller portrait. It really got to me when he passed. It was so shocking and unexpected. And I usually don't do these kind of pieces but I really would love to do something nice of him that really memorializes him. And since I got rid of one of my original muses for my Valentine's Day series, I decided to go ahead and make him apart of it instead.

As far as prints go, there are gonna be a lot of changes. For one, I'm no longer making prints of every piece I make. I decided to only make prints of the most popular ones or most in demand. Secondly, all of them will be limited edition from now on. That means I'll have 10-15 copies available and when they sell out, they sell out. No more unlimited prints! If you're wondering why, I just started to feel like it wasn't worth it to make so many prints. I never sell all of them and I could be saving ink and money of course. Prints are definitely my lowest-selling item lol. I've decided to focus on selling originals and commissions more.

I'll try to update again after my first Inktober attempt! :)

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