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arting while sick ;'(

Good morning, everyone. It's an early day for me (I guess), because I actually slept from 8pm to 5am lol. I didn't do anything art-related yesterday so I'm trying to catch up on some things on my to-do list, including blogging. I was recently really sick and bedridden for two days, and it came just after I had been hit with this sudden inspo for another one of my little character illustrations that I do in color pencil. I managed to draw out the sketch before I couldn't move anymore lmao. Don't you hate the frustration of being in a state or place where you can't work on art, but just thinking about the piece you wanna work on the entire time and fantasizing about the end product. Ughhh it was so annoying, but when I was feeling better, I was able to make it look even better than I imagined!

I did make a trip down to Blick to get a 16x20" pastelbord for my Mac Miller portrait. I was originally gonna put him on a 12x16" and use the 16x20" for a project that I can't speak on at the moment lol. But I decided Mac's project was much bigger and needed more space to capture all my ideas for it. Some upcoming projects I CAN speak on, however, are some small 9x12" pastel paintings that I plan on doing of the Super Mario Bros characters, possibly with a holiday theme. I did Kermit and Elmo and baby Grinch last year so drawing popular characters with holiday themes might become a new thing for me to do every year. Also, the old holiday paintings will be on sale as prints every December, so look out for that :)

As for recently completed projects, I finally finished my beautiful doe fairy! I'm so in love with her. She wasn't really received to well by my followers on social media, and usually that makes me look at my art differently and not like it as much. But I'm still so captivated by her. She came out more beautiful than I expected her too. I didn't make prints available because I don't think they would sell, but I did add her to my Redbubble, and she can be purchased on tote bags, phone cases, floor pillows, etc. And of course I recorded a timelapse, which features a voiceover of me talking about different methods for staying productive as an artist while working a 9 to 5!

Have a productive day <3

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