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  • Tanae Briana

Master procrastinator

Finally started on my Mac portrait...DUN DUN DUNNN. And he is turning out.... completely different from how I planned :) lmao. What else is new. I thought I wanted to portray him against a powder blue background and some clouds, and the balloons were going to be hot pink. I didn't stray too far with the balloons, but I made them all different shades of pinks, purples, and browns. I mean I guess not too much has changed, just the color palette. It's just a little darker than I planned. I don't like to draw people who have passed on looking sad or dark, and Mac isn't smiling in the picture either like I planned, now that I think about it. Ugh. Anyway, it looks nice and I'm all about letting the painting do what IT wants to do, so I'm not worried lol. The balloons still need a little more work, and then I can start on the face. I'm dreading it though. I really don't wanna mess it up :/

Aside from that, I've also been working on a little illustration of a Christmas elf. I was just thinking about how last year, I had this idea to do all holiday-themed art for the month of December and I had so many more pieces planned, but only ended up doing two. Baby Grinch and Kermit & Elmo. Which was cool, but I was kinda disappointed in myself because I could've gotten way more done. So this year I decided to do all my Christmas-themed work as 9x12" color pencil illustrations. I mean, those drawings literally take 3 hours at the most. I can knock out sooo many. And of course I plan on filming all of them!

Last project of the year should be my final installation for my Valentine's Day series, which will be a portrait of Aminé. Yes, he's my final beau :). Did I mention I was going to see him live again next week?!!! My baby sister is coming along this time. It's my treat to myself for being so productive the last couple months. I wonder if other artist treat themselves... I'm a strong believer in praising myself for all my hard work. And we all know that even though we enjoy this job, IT IS HARD WORK.

There aren't any new products up on the shop [yet], but I'm going to be purchasing some new ink soon [my knockoff ink that made better prints than Epson's ink is ruining my printer so I have to give it up :((((....] and when I do, any out of stock sticker packs will be returning, as well as new sticker packs, new original pieces, new prints, print packs, and print & sticker combos! Ahhhh, I can't wait!! And if you didn't already know, I am now 100% open for commissions. Chalk pastel paintings included! Make sure you hit me up ASAP if you would like to commission one as a Christmas gift for someone. Today is the deadline for chalk pastel!

Have a productive day, everybody :)

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