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Cyber Monday Sale!

Hola, everyone! It's finally Cyber Monday and now all of yall can finally help me get rid of these prints lmao. It's been a super busy month, working on commissions and original projects I need to finish before 2018 ends. But when I finish all of that, my whole shop will be full of brand new products. Today, I added the following new prints and stickers to the shop:

-Eyes & Lips sticker pack

-Blasian Beauty sticker

-Blasian Beauty print

-Thriller print

-Doe Fairy 2 print

-Popcorn print

-Music Legends sticker pack (restock)

-Baby Grinch print (restock)

My Cyber Monday is more like a Cyber week because it's going to run until December 1st, just to make sure all the old things go and make room for my new shit! :) I also plan on having a month-long holiday sale on not just prints but sticker packs as well. Maybe even free shipping on originals that cost less than $100, oooooohhh lol. Feeling generous this season.

Other than that, I'm still working on the same two projects as well as some Christmas gift commissions. Gotta love deadlines. I picked up some new supplies though! I decided to start using vellum bristol paper again so people can have more options when commissioning a color pencil portrait. Also re-upped on some essential pastel sticks and pencils that I was starting to run low on. Got some new sticker paper (matte this time), because my old sticker paper wasn't sticky enough and my stickers kept coming off of my laptop. I'm gonna be resourceful and continue using the remaining glossy sticker paper for my shipping labels since they have no problem sticking to cardboard!

My most important purchases this month have definitely been my Epson ink (so expensive but worth it in this case) and the new paper I'm using to make my prints on. I legit hated it when I first got it because it was actually off-white and not coke white the way I like it lol. And I just didn't think the colors from my work would look good on it but boy..... my prints are better than ever. I can't stop looking at them, I'm so happy. Those of you who know how bad printing was for months can understand why I'm so grateful. I thought I'd never produce again and that I was gonna have to start charging you guys an arm and a leg to get prints through a company lbs. But the universe has been looking out for me lately.

Now I need yall to look out for me and take advantage of this sale lmao. Happy holidays! <3

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