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Good afternoon, beautiful people! Hope everyone is having a productive day. I'm in a good mood because I was finally able to get a couple projects done and even managed to upload a youtube video DUN DUN DUN. I still have one more Christmas project to work on, as silly as that sounds. I know it's the end of December and Christmas already happened, but I started late okay and it's not my fault :( But speaking of starting late, the reason for that is because I had a big commission to do and also had to purchase a new SD card.

I don't know who believes in Mercury Retrograde, but if you do, then you know that it affects technology big time. And literally soon as Mercury turned retrograde, my SD card started fucking up. Not only would it now allow me to transfer videos unless I took it out of my camera, put it in my laptop, and copied them from some random folder I didn't even know existed (I had to really search), but it also wasn't writing my videos correctly and I had to stop filming every 20 minutes to transfer the videos, delete them, and start filming again. This made making youtube videos super time consuming and frustrating.

My SD card had never fucked up like this in the four years that I had it. But maybe it was just time to get a new one anyway. So I upgraded from a 16gb to a 128gb. This is great for me because it will allow me to film for 6 hours instead of just 45 minutes before I have to transfer and delete, and it also is a good enough SD card so that my camera won't just stop recording on its own. (Yeah, it does that. I have to look up at my cam every two minutes while I'm drawing to make sure she's still recording).

However, this is not the reason for my Mac Miller painting STILL not being done haha. I cannot tell a lie, I pushed that motherfucker back. Decided to shoot for an end of January deadline. I just HAD to get other stuff done before December was over and Mac doesn't have to be done until Valentine's Day, so for me it just made sense to push it back. I know it's like highly requested and everyone keeps asking me about it. I promise I haven't lost the inspiration for it or anything. It's just all about timing. He WILL get done and he WILL be great!

Now on to my recently finished projects, so you all can see and believe that I actually have been doing stuff and not just lying about being busy lmao. First project I managed to get done was a commission of a little girl, which was very well received by my followers on all of my social media. That's rare. I don't know what it was about this piece that everyone liked so much, but outside of Nas, it was a commission that got the most engagement. I was shocked by that because people typically don't get so excited about my art when it's someone they're not familiar with, like a celebrity. But I'm not complaining at all! It was a Christmas gift for someone and my client posted their reaction and it was one of the best reactions ever, so I feel very proud of myself!

After I finished the commission, I went back to work on my little Christmas elf. It was 1/3 holiday pieces that I planned for this month. It was another one of my little characters, inspired by me, but I changed my afro to look like a Christmas tree with Christmas ball ornaments hanging in it. And I gave myself elf ears. And naturally I had to throw in a deer. I love me some deer, I want to just incorporate them in almost every project I do lol. Anyway, she was a fun little project to work on, and I recorded her as well :)

Last but not least, I finished revamping my Doe Fairy that I originally painted back in September 2017. Ever since I finished her, I never truly felt that she was finished. She was one of those pieces I just stared at and stared at and felt so unsatisfied. And every piece has its flaws, but hers were like popping out at me every time I looked at her. I actually couldn't even bring myself to look at her after a while lmao. It was just bothering me so much. But I'm also one of those artists who just CANNOT re-do a piece immediately after finishing it. I have to like wait at least several months before I can work up the energy to revisit it. So it's been over a year and I was's time. Please feel free to comment on the youtube video and let me know which version you like better! Below is the before and after:

A few new things are in the shop this week:

baby Grinch stickers

Christmas elf original

Revamped Doe fairy original

And as a special gift from me to you, I would like all of my supporters to enjoy BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE on all prints until further notice! Use code: BUTTERFLIES. The shop now features filters to help you find things better as well!

Have a productive week, my loves :)

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