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Valentine's Day is coming....!

Good morning, everybody! Hope your day is going well so far. I'm currently blogging from my bed, about to make my way to go view an apartment. I'm really hoping this is it for me. Apartment hunting is honestly sooo draining. Especially when you find something so perfect and affordable, but a million other people peep it too, and they end up finding a tenant before you're scheduled to go see it!!! (That has happened to me a lot if you can't tell). I'm just so ready to be comfy in my OWN home with my OWN rules. Not to mention having a space that I design and decorate myself. Something that's actually presentable so that I can start making art vlogs and other youtube videos that actually show my face because I'm no longer embarrassed by my surroundings. Sigh. And my art studio?! It's gonna be so fucking amazing. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm working on a lot of upcoming Valentine's themed projects like I said I would. Already finished one, the 4th installment of my 2019 Valentine's Day series. For anyone who hasn't kept up with my blogs or social media, my Valentine's Day series is something I plan to do every year and it's basically a collection of male public figures who inspired me somehow in the previous year. This year, the first year, those men were Jay Park, Riz Ahmed, Michael Jackson (he's gonna be in it every year so just be prepared for that lmao), Mac Miller, and Aminé. I finished Mac Miller finally a few days ago. Worked on him for almost three months! I was definitely procrastinating on it for a while because I was worried about fucking him up. But I think I did a decent job and I hope everyone else thinks I did him some justice too.

Now I just have to try and get Aminé finished before the 14th lol. I can definitely pull it off, just don't wanna rush it. But once I do finish it, I'll have the full set of prints on sale so you can buy all five together if you'd like. I'm already brainstorming what ideas I'm going to use on my 2020 collection lol. I've already got a few men picked out. There will about seven next year. I'm going to do a few more Valentine's themed characters too. I finished a Queen of Hearts character a few days before I finished Mac. I think she's kind of cute lol. She'll be on sale too soon. All of my Valentine's stuff will be discounted during the month of February. Just use the code: THEWAYYOUMAKEMEFEEL at checkout :)

Make sure to check out my tutorial on how to shade shiny round objects, as well as the timelapse videos for Mac Miller and Queen of Hearts:

Everything that's new in the shop this week:

Mac Miller Original

Mac Miller prints

Queen of hearts original

Before you leave the site today, you should visit my "Contests & Giveaways" page! I recently came up with a month-long art challenge for artists who are in a slump or just would like to practice on different drawing techniques and challenges. And there's a little incentive to get it all done :)

Have a productive week!

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