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  • Tanae Briana

Captivated by the booty

So the past week has been kinda crazy lol. I'm gonna be honest. I feel like my social media and engagement as far as my art has been in a slump for a good 3-4 months. The algorithms are driving me nuts. Especially instagram. I went from averaging 200-300 likes to averaging about 50. My stories views went from 150+ to about 30. My art was getting no exposure whatsoever. And my twitter engagement has been low for years, but it was even lower somehow??? And I try not to get discouraged by these things but at the end of the day, 100% of my promotion is done online at the moment. So that's how I sell art. If I'm not getting my work seen, I can't make money and I need that to be happening so I can get closer to becoming a full time artist and being able to sustain myself with my work.

I think anyone who creates original work completely from their imagination knows that "trendy" art is a lot more popular and sells easily. Like artists who just recreate cartoon characters that already exist or something are the artists who get the most exposure and most people throwing money at them. Which is equally discouraging. Pretty much, whatever is popular to the general public is what makes money. I know whenever I do a celebrity portrait, it's gonna get way more attention than a doe fairy or whatever. And along with celebrities and cartoon characters, nudity and NSFW artwork is also super popular. I hadn't done a piece like that in over a year, and I had this particular photo of myself that was really kinda calling my name. And I thought it would be a good piece to add to my Valentine's themed collection.

So....basically....I did a painting of my ass. Keep in mind, I knew people would be into it, but I never thought it would blow up the way it did. I never thought it would give my art and social media the boost that it did. Let me go over everything. Just the progress pics I was posting was getting more likes and RTs on instagram and twitter than any of the finished pieces I've posted since my Bae Park painting. So I knew then something was happening lol. Then the messages started. I got SO many private messages and comments about the booty pic, you would've thought men never saw an ass before. Seriously though, they were a little too horny-- I'm sorry, hype over a half-drawn booty cheek. I had to tell a few of them to relax actually. Then people started telling me they were interested in purchasing the original or prints before I was even finished! That's never happened to me before... I'm always amazed by artists who sell an original before it's even completed.

Anyway, I finished the painting. It came out just as amazing as I imagined it would, also rare. It's something I feel really proud of. And it's the first PIECE I've ever done that didn't have a face in it. After I posted the finished piece on twitter, it really blew up. Now this is a relative blow up because you have to remember, I do NOT get RTs and likes like that on twitter. This one got way more than I ever have on a post. I could retweet my art 30+ times over a span of six months and not get this much response from it. Then when I posted the 60 second timelapse on instagram, went to sleep, and woke up later that day, it already had 3000 views. I did a double take when I looked at my phone. By the next morning, it had 6000. It's two days later and it's now sitting at 13000. And of course the new followers have been rolling in. My instagram went from a measly 100 profile views to 1800+. I've gotten a ton of warm, sweet comments and compliments. It's all been kind of overwhelming.

Of course I think about the fact that it took a photo of some ass to get people excited again about my artwork... which is a little bothersome. But at the end of the day, it still brought exposure to my other work and me as an artist in general. They came for the booty and then stayed for everything else LOL. And I just might take advantage of this and draw something sexy whenever I feel like my art needs a little push. I have NO shame lol. Of course, I'm gonna put this piece on absolutely everything. Prints, stickers, totes, phone cases, shirts, etc. But we'll start with prints :)

"Juicy Fruit" prints

Don't forget, this piece is apart of my Valentine's collection, so it's on sale for 30% off during the month of February. Just use the code: THEWAYYOUMAKEMEFEEL at checkout :)

Have a productive evening!

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