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  • Tanae Briana

i just reached an art goal i made two years ago!

I know it's been a month but hear me out! I have been working soooo hard this month. Trying to stay on top of projects and youtube and working, and having a social life lol. I haven't had much to time to write here, but now I have tons of work to show you guys if you don't follow me on any of my socials. Before I get into that, I want to say that I just reorganized my entire art schedule all the way through December 31st and I should be posting a blog once a week from now on (if I stay on top of it). I'm determined to stick with it though. It's a lot more helpful than any other schedule I've ever had because it allows me to be most productive without spreading myself too thin. Instead of trying to do a little of each thing every single day, I have specific tasks to complete on different days. For example, on one day I strictly draw. ALL DAY. Nothing else. On another day, I only film, edit, and upload youtube videos. On another day, I do promo, package orders, write art blogs (LOL), update inventory, etc. So now I can get a lot more done, and stay consistent!

Now first things first, an update on my current projects and what's to come. Right now, I'm finishing up on my NUDE collection which started with my Juicy Fruit painting. I'm currently working on Part II to that. Part III has already been finished because it was a smaller project. I should be done with Part II tonight, and then the final piece will be done within the week. After the collection is finished, I do really want to have a giveaway so someone can prints of the collection for free, but I haven't done a giveaway in so long that I'm actually kind of nervous about it lbs. I'm still going to do it, but my twitter followers be on some bullshit, it probably won't take off LMAO. And of course the collection will be on sale as a print package, individual prints, and framed originals. Here's the completed "Part III" and the WIP of "Part II":

I didn't film Part III and won't be filming the final NUDE piece either because I don't want to have too many NSFW videos on youtube that can't be monetized, but I have been filming Part II and the timelapse should be posted by Sunday night!

Moving on to UPCOMING projects. If you haven't seen Avengers End Game yet, this is a warning. This paragraph will contain spoilers lol. So as you know, after Mac Miller passed away, I drew his portrait with him holding balloons. I plan to do the same in the future for any other deceased person that I end up painting. Iron Man was my favorite Marvel hero and of course I had to do some kind of tribute to him, so for my next project, I plan to draw him with his balloons. Another trend I want to start is to draw these late and great people with happy expressions on their face. I don't want these pieces to be upsetting or emotional or make people sad, I want them to remember these people being happy and smiling! I never want my art to be dark or depressing.

Now you guys get to see all the work I've finished in the past month! Not a crazy amount, but definitely a lot more than I've finished in one month in a while! I finished my first Beyoncé character and uploaded a video talking about my thoughts on creating while you're depressed. After that I finished a very long commission (that I shipped off to England, I might add!) of Future. THEN, I finished a timelapse of me drawing Sonic the Hedgehog in my sketchbook, and discussed my thoughts on the pros and cons of creating original art vs creating art based on what's popular at the moment. Finally, I uploaded a lighthearted video of me judging some of my old portraits! Feel free to leave your comment on that video and roast my old shit. I WANT YOU TO.

New additions to the shop:

Peanut Butter Bey Cup original

Peanut Butter Bey Cup prints

Part III original

Please remember that all prints are still Buy one, Get one free until further notice! Just use code: SMILE at checkout.

Stay productive! :)

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