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  • Tanae Briana

I'm back in business!

Hola, my loves! I'm in such a great mood writing this blog post because my camera is finally back on track and has been letting me record ALL the footage and I'm so excited about it! Especially because I just signed with a new Youtube network and I being self-employed, I have all day every day to film youtube videos and I have sooo many projects I want to bring to my channel. I'm really trying to start uploading twice a week like I was doing back in 2016 when I was out of work. I'm trying to get really serious about it and build my channel and give you guys plenty of fun content. I wish I would have figured out what was wrong with my memory card in time to film my Derrick Rose painting but it's all good! Check out the finished product below.

I wanted to make prints so badly, but the weather has been up and down here and Chicago, and there hasn't been much sunlight. I photograph all my paintings to make prints, so I need the BEST natural light shining through my window in order to make them. So it took about three days after to get that kind of lighting. Then of course, once I finally got it, my printer decided to be an asshole that day and print everything magenta for some reason. I decided to give her a little break and come b ack to it later since that's usually the solution for random problems like that. I'll try again soon and then add them to the shop immediately. I did get to add the original to the shop though and I'll link it below.

I've already started filming a new video that should be up by this weekend. I was commissioned to paint the rapper Future, so that's what I've been working on all week. It's supposed to be a painting of him as a wizard and obviously reflect on his The Wizrd album. I don't listen to his music so I had to figure out what the vibe of the album was before starting on it but my client was very thorough and even sent me mock-ups of the look he was kind of going for while also encouraging me to put my own artistic flair on it, so that was cool. The timelapse filming has been going very smoothly and I should be finished with it in a couple days. Just have the cloak, face, book, and cane left but the background with all the dark clouds was the hardest part, so everything else should go more quickly. It's definitely different from what I typically do because I'm big on using bright, vibrant colors, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

While I'm working on this, I'm also working on my Beyoncé series and an original pastel painting project. ALL will be on youtube! I have a lot of topics I want to talk about and some helpful tutorials to bring to you guys as well. Don't forget that my sticker promotion is still going on. Only a week left in April so order your prints now if you want free stickers!

New additions to the shop:

Derrick Rose original

Juicy Fruit original

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