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Technology has not been my friend

Man... you guys just don't know. I kind of touched on the difficulties I was having with it in my last blog post, but since then it has definitely gotten worse. I had issues with the wifi not working on and off and some printer malfunctions where it just wouldn't print things for half the day. Almost didn't get to ship orders out because I couldn't print stickers or labels. Then I spent all this these hours working on a creative resume so I can find a good art-related full time job with benefits and it wouldn't save! Then when I finally got it to save, it wouldn't upload to job applications! It was just a bunch of bullshit. But Mercury has finally gone direct. Not completely out of the woods yet, but getting there. I haven't yet tried to get my external hard drive to work. I'll give it another week. I've just been saving everything to my laptop. But I had so many projects to get done, and I couldn't keep waiting for my camera to let me film them, so I ended up starting on my Derrick Rose portrait and just deciding there wouldn't be a timelapse for it. I really wanted to be able to post it to Youtube but it just didn't work out that way.

I hate posting progress while it's still in the ugly stages lmao. But I think you guys know by now that my pieces start off ugly and end up looking completely different by the time they're done. I'm still putting down the first layers on Derrick, but I'm loving how the background is looking next to his skin and I can already tell how pretty it's gonna be! I'm definitely trying to get it done by the time his documentary comes out on April 11. I know, I know. Pandering. So gross LMAO. But hey, I'm a full time artist now. I gotta do what I gotta do haha. I'm also working on a character painting, a Beyoncé character drawing series, and a Future commission. I'm busy AF these days, but I couldn't be happier. I much prefer being busy over not having any work or any inspiration. Hopefully I can film some of these projects.

Due to not being able to film much, I had to get a little creative with the youtube videos I uploaded. I figured it would be a good time to get some tutorials up that didn't require any new footage. I used an old timelapse video of my self-portrait so I could show you guys how I go about drawing faces and making them as proportionally accurate as I can while free-handing. And while I was designing and printing some new Mac Miller stickers, I decided to record my screen and show you guys how I make my DIY stickers without the use of a machine. I know a lot of us don't have machines or maybe people can't afford them, or just don't sell enough stickers to find it useful to have one. So if any of these tutorials interest you at all, you can check them out below:

New additions to the shop:

Mac Miller stickers

Fierce sticker pack

Speaking of stickers, I'm currently running a sticker sale! Get up to TWO free stickers for every print you buy until the end of April. ONE $2.00 sticker or TWO $1-$1.50 stickers. Just tell me what sticker you want in the "add a note" section at checkout and I'll throw it in with your order!

Also, I really want to thank anyone who has purchased anything from my shop in the past month, no matter how big or small your order was. I've sold more art from my shop the past few weeks than I have in the past SEVERAL months. I don't know what made sales boost so significantly lately, because I haven't changed my method of promotion or how often I'm doing it, but I'm definitely not complaining lol. You are appreciated!

Have a productive rest of your day :)

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