Tanaé Briana

Welcome to my bio! I'm Tanaé and I'm a 29 year old freelance artist, content creator, and writer. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago! I started drawing randomly back in 2013 when the photography course I wanted to take was full and I was forced to take Drawing I instead. Our final project was a portrait piece, and that was when I knew I loved drawing faces! From that point on, I practiced and drew portraits almost every single day.

I started out with graphite, like most artists who draw, but soon discovered that I excelled with color. Since 2016, I've been exclusively using color! Color pencils were my specialty, and I eventually added chalk pastels as another one in 2017. Now I consider myself to have mastered both mediums and I enjoy them both equally. They are the loves of my life!

Since becoming an artist, I've learned to market, brand, package, ship, and sell my art all on my own. I even produce my own prints and stickers. I take so much pride in being 100% self-sufficient, and helping other artists to become so as well! I frequently post art-related video tutorials on my youtube channel.


In addition to drawing, I'm also a self-published writer! I'm currently working on my second book, which will be published and released in 2021. As much as I love drawing people, I also love writing about people and their relationships. I have an undying love for Michael Jackson, chocolate, and escapism. I love movies and watch at least one a day. A few of my other interests are true crime and basketball. 

In March 2019, I quit my 9-5 job and became a full time self-employed artist!